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Sometimes, All I Can Say is Thank You!

Pastor Nick .

Sometimes all I can say is thank you. There are days when the clouds seem blanket to peel away, the rain is soft, and the wind blows gently. It is at those times when things seem to be going my way. God, you add everything that is so special, like butter and syrup for pancakes, a blanket for the bed, a cap for my head, a space to park the car, and so much more. There have been times when my back was up against the wall, and you made a way out of what seemed to be no way. You snatched me from the jaws of the lion, and brutal, insensitive people and systems. When the fire raged strong, you were like a fire hose that showered it into submission. You continue to demonstrate that there is no power like your power, no understanding like your understanding, and most of all no love like your love. So today I give you thanks. Today I lift my hands in praise. Today I I commit once again never to forsake you, or leave you. I commit today to stay with you until the end, and when the end comes my hope and prayer is that you lay me gently to sleep, and lead me to your Kingdom which has no end. In Jesus name I pray Amen

Written by pastor Nick Hood

Speaking tonight on the meaning of the resurrection and Easter.

Pastor Nick hood.

Tonight join the Conversations with Women during the Pandemic. Rev Hood speaks on the meaning of Easter in the modern age. Zoom 82329769596 passcode 365011. March 30, 2023

Passion That Fuels The Dreams of Life – a Prayer

Lord I thank you today for the passion that fuels our dreams.  I thank you for the dreams that make life meaningful and relevant. I thank you for every stage and age of life. I thank you for friendship. I thank you for fun. I thank you for love that transcends time.  Speak Lord, and I will listen. Point me in the right direction Jesus, and I will follow. Light of fire, and I will find a marshmallow. Bless me now to do your will. In Jesus name I pray, Amen w

ritten by pastor nick h

How What I learned in the 10th and 11th Grade Prepared Me for a Broadcast Ministry

What I learned in the 10th and 11th grade that prepared me for broadcast ministry

In January I began a broadcast ministry on the word network. This new ministry is very exciting to me,. I think I have a great product in the way the production is formulated. I’m receiving support from persons who have seen the worship service spanning from Los Angeles CA to mobile AL Alabama. I record new segments for the broadcast ministry every four to six weeks. I’m excited with what I see and in an interesting way this new broadcast ministry reminds me of what I experienced in the 10th and 11th grade of high school.

1967 – 7 Sounds at Yhe Whittier Hotel? Detroit. Mi

In the 10th grade of high school, I auditioned and was accepted into the top performing bands  symphonic bands at my high school. The musical director, Harald arnaldi, strictly forbade all of the musicians not to play rhythm and blues music. So what did I do, at night when the band director was not around, I got together with a friend of mine, Dwight Andrews who is now a PhD minister and pastor of a church in Atlanta GA, to form a R&B band. We practiced in the basements and sometimes living rooms of other musicians and friends. In the 10th grade we spent a lot of time mixing and matching musicians, trying to find the right composition and instrumentation. Our only test in the 10th grade was to attempt to play music that sounded as close as possible to the recordings we heard on the radio. We went through that process throughout the entire 10th grade, but when we reach the 11th grade, in the fall of 19 6 7, we hit the ground running and started playing large parties and events that took place in the major hotels throughout Detroit, Michigan. In the beginning, we only made 10 or $15 per night. The next fall, which was the 12th grade for me, the amount of money we made per musician per night jump to around 30 dollars each. Gradually throughout the 12th grade we continued to increase in the amount of money we received for playing parties period the next year I went off to college. The band continued to get better, with bigger amplifiers and speakers and sound systems and eventually we started receiving $100 each per night. In my opinion, my band had a great sound, and we were compensated accordingly.

You may ask, how does this relate to a broadcast ministry? Let me share with you the connection. What I learned in the 10th grade was the importance of practice, rehearsing hour after hour in basements and living rooms, and working hard to perfect the best possible sound. The 11th grade taught me that there are rewards for hard work. From the 12th grade through the end of college we continued to perfect that sound. At the end of college, I made a decision to go into the ministry, which is another discussion that I will save for another time, but the point that I’m making right now is that I learned patience and the pursuit of perfection in the 10th and 11th grade.

How that relates to the broadcast ministry is that I spent all last year trying to perfect the production for a television broadcast. I had an idea of what I was looking for, and after a few stops and starts, I ended up with a great team that helps me with the video and audio production for the broadcast. When I first embarked upon this new broadcast, I wondered if I would be the problem? What I did not realize was that I was not the problem, but I needed to find the right people to make the vision a reality. I had a vision of the type of television program I wanted. I had an idea of the kind of technical skill sets that would be required to make the vision a reality. After a year of trying too perfect the production, we, and I do mean we, because there are there are other people involved in the video production, we finally got it right. The broadcast ministry is a 30 minute production which starts with me preaching during the first 15 minutes, and the 2nd 15 minutes, features me interviewing a psychiatrist and sometimes psychologists to get there perspective on the message I have just delivered. I am having a ball with the process, and quite encouraged because I have wondered for some time if a person like myself with a ministry and perspective theologically like the perspective I have which is more on the liberal end, would be well received by national audience.

I’m writing this and sharing this with you because I know you are supportive of this new ministry. Thank you for your support and most of all thank you for your prayers.


Lord, I N eed Some Water For This Fire!

 lord there there is a fire raging and I need some water right now. Not tomorrow, not later this month, but right now. Send me some rain and show me a path forward. You have been so good through the years, I almost hate to reach out to you now, but Lord, I need you now. I do not want a halfway blessing, or 1/4 blessing, but I need you right now. Reach down from heaven and pour some water on this fire. Make a way out of no way, and lead me to your everlasting light. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Written by pastor Nick hood.

Thre Power Within – a Prayer

open my eyes Lord that I might recognize, accept and learn to draw upon the power you have invested within me.  Make me unashamed to speak up for myself and to fight for those things I believe are right. Help me not to wilt in the face of adversity and challenges. Help me to trust those who want to see me succeed. Grant me wisdom that I might understand those who are not on my side. Endow me with wisdom. Bless me with power. Shower me with victory in your name. Through Jesus Christ our Lord and savior I pray. Amen

Inner Peace Podcast

Pastor Nick Hood

Inner Peace

Pastor Nick Hood – on THE WORD NETWORK Saturday’s at 2:30 pm EST

I would like to share my thoughts about how to find and how to maintain  inner peace.  Inner peace has been described as tranquility and calm.  I would be the first to say that all that looks like calm and tranquility, can sometimes be deceptive. It is quite possible that an individual looks calm and tranquil on the outside, but on the inside they are churning with confusion, doubt, hatred, and other destructive emotions.

It is often caught me by surprise over the years that people I know have told me to my face that they think I am calm and peaceful. I’m often surprised when I hear this, but the truth is that I guess in the scheme of things I am calm and peaceful. I want to share with you some of my thoughts on becoming a calm, peaceful, and tranquil person

  1. for me it begins with personal self-esteem. I feel good about myself. My first eight years of life were spent in New Orleans, Louisiana. Born in 1951 and into the segregated S, South, my parents did what many parents did in their generation, they protected me and my brother from the horrors of segregation, his must as much as they could. The church my father pastored was populated by several families who did the same for their children. Before I was eight years of age, I felt good about myself because people were always telling me I was smart and good looking. This may seem like a joke now, but I am convinced that myself esteem began as a child in the South.
  2. For me, my faith in God is the cornerstone of my self-confidence and inner peace. I encourage people all the time who are seeking peace to start by reestablishing a relationship with God. This is important because the core of our faith in Jesus Christ is that God is all knowing, all powerful, and all loving. Our faith teaches us that we are created in the image of God, and placed on earth for a reason. If we are placed on earth for a reason, then we ought to feel good about ourselves.
  3. One of the techniques I’ve learned from the Bible in particular the 4th chapter the book of philippians is that at one of the most difficult points in the life of the apostle Paul, he encourages his readers to think positive thoughts. He says in the 10th verse whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honorable, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, if there is anything worthy of praise, any excellence at all, think about these things. I believe that often when a person is struggling to find inner peace calm and tranquility, we will see that they have allowed negativity to creep into the thoughts of their mind. The more we dwell on hateful, jealous, and evil thoughts, the more this trickles into the rest of our thought pattern. I try hard, smile and I do mean try hard, to think positive thoughts. Sometimes individuals we’ll see and do things that get on our nerves, and challenge any attempt to be positive. But I try to be positive. In seeking something positive and good and each individual that helps me to be tranquil.
  4. I also believe that God has put me here for a reason, and because of the intent of God, I am convinced that somehow, some way, things will work out for good. The apostle Paul also says in Romans chapter 8 that all things work together for good for those who love God and who are called according to his purpose. I believe that. For example, I try to look for something good even in the death of a person that I know. I try to look for something good, even when people have done bad things, or said bad things.
  5. Another way I seek calm and tranquility is through physical exercise. I do not exercise to be calm or tranquil. I exercise to try to maintain and improve my health. My workout routine is not necessarily the most intense, and I’m sure those who are reading this and know me my laugh because my physical routine does not require that I lift a large amount of weight, run fast or long, or do anything that is particularly strenuous. But it is a routine, and what I find is that the rest of my day tends to go better what I have exercised in the gym. The last routine I engage in before I leave the YMCA in downtown Detroit, is to do my version of the yoga technique called the sun salutation. It is a series of stretches with arms outstretched to the sky as if you are literally saluting the sun that make me feel relaxed. Often, as I progress through the various segments of the sun salutation, I smile to myself and say, nick, this is a stretch you have not made yet this day. I laughed to myself, and relax.
  6. I try to see something good in every person. This is difficult, because sometimes the behavior of others can be challenging. In speaking with for boys who are in my confirmation of faith class, I shared with them that sometimes I find it difficult to forgive, particularly when someone has done something mean or cruel to other people, but even in those instances I try to ask myself is there something good or positive I can understand from this in faith.
  7. The apostle Paul tells us in the 4th chapter of philippians that if we reach out in prayer with Thanksgiving and supplication to God thank God will fill us with peace that comes from Christ Jesus.

I thank you for reading and reflecting on my thoughts about how to seek, find, and maintain inner peace. Again, I stress that I am not, and do not claim to be an expert on inner peace, but I feel very good about myself as a child of God, and I hope after reading this you might feel better about yourself. May the Lord continue to bless you, guide your steps and your thoughts and grant you inner peace. Blessings, Nick.

Sun Salutation Downward Dog Devotional

Pastor Nick Hood after the SUN SALUTATION

I would like to share something personal. Yesterday I spoke about listening for the voice of God. Today, I would like to talk about one of the ways I listen for the voice of God. My goal each week is to go to the gym three days for weight training and then alternate the other two days with something for the cardio. On a good week I’m in the gym three days for the weight training, but the reality is that some weeks it just does not work. This week I was able to go to the YMCA Monday Wednesday and Friday. I have a series of weight machines and other contraptions that I use in a sequence. When I finish with the weight training, I go down to the second floor to a small room where I do my abdominal work which is followed by a yoga move called the sun salutation.

The sun salutation is one of the basic yoga moves. I am not an expert in yoga, but I have been introduced to the sun salutation. My version of the sun salutation begins with me stretching toward the sky one arm at a time. Then I lift both arms to the sky and bend slightly backwards. Then, I add a couple of moves that are not part of the traditional sun salutation where I rotate my head from the left to the right and back to the left. I also extend both arms to each side and I squeeze and let go of my grip. Next, I go into the warrior position where one leg is extended before the other and my arms are outstretched to the sides, then together at my front. Next extend one arm to the front and one arm to the back while maintaining the warrior pose. My next move is to bend downwards and touch the floor. Then, I lay down on the floor and come up to a plank type position. After the plank, I lay flat on the floor and come up into what’s called the downward dog position where my head his toward the floor arms outstretched on the floor backside up in the air and feet on the floor. After the downward dog, I return to standing and I repeat the entire process but this time alternating the leg position for the warrior position. I conclude my little version of the sun salutation by returning to standing with both feet slightly apart, arms outstretched to the sky as I bend slightly backwards, touching the floor with both hands one more time, and then I return to my beginning position.

I cannot say that I always find a spiritual inspiration from the sun salutation, but what I do find is that going through that routine seems to empty me of any thoughts except, sometimes, actually often, when I stretch both arms to the sky and then come straight down bending at the waist to touch the floor I hear a little voice in my head that says, Nick, this is the first time today you have made this stretch. Smile. But what I find, is that the process of the sun salutation seems to empty me of whatever cares I have, and prepares me to hear the voice of God. Even if I do not receive a direct inspirational message, I feel like the process of doing this yoga stretch move prepares me for the inspiration God will surely give.

So, now I have shared with you a part of my personal routine. I hope I have not bored you, but the point I’m trying to make is that I look for God in everything and in everyone. I wish you God’s blessings this day on your spiritual journey.

Written by Pastor Nick Hood

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