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Step it up  – shut it Down sermon

Psalm 128: 2       You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands;

you shall be happy, and it shall go well with you.

  1. Today, I want to share a simple message: “Step it up and Shut it Down!

  2. Psalm 128 outlines a path for happiness, blessings, wealth, and favor-
  3. Verse 1: 1  Happy is everyone who fears the Lord,

who walks in his ways.

  • Verse 2: You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands;

you shall be happy, and it shall go well with you.

  • Psalm 128 is described as a “Psalm of Ascents”
  • If you want to be blessed, you have to be faithful and willing to work
  • Some people have a lot of faith, but could care less about applying themselbes
  • Others apply themselves, but could care less about faith in God
  • For you and me, in many cases, we simply have to challenge ourselves to “Step it up”!
  • Last week, the 15 top academic achievers at the Plymouht Educational Center received high powered laptop computers from janet and Charlie Martin as a reward for their academic avhiebement… (They have “Stepped it up” academically)
    • Note:  one of the children who last Christmas was in transitional housing with his mother and sisters…
    • I have been asking myself, “Why does that little boy choose to study and get good grades?”
  1. Let me share with you a few thoughts about what it takes to “Eat the fruit of the labor of your hands…”
  2. The Psalmist is applauding people who worship the Lord and walk in the ways of the Lord
  3. In other words – “Righteousness”
  4. What the writer is saying is this – If you are faithful to God, God will cause you to prosper~
  5. The prosperity and favor of God are not by accident
  6. The prosperity and favor of God come with a requirement:
  7. Faith, righteousness, and personal hard work
  8. Some people have faith, but they do not want to labor
  9. Other people are bent on trying to, take short cuts and beat the system
  10. Example:
  11. People  who purchase airplane  ticket then start fighting in the air
  12. Then, there are times when success seems impossible
  13. In Matthew 19, Jesus reminds his disciples that, “With God, all things are possible”
  14. Jesus told them that the key was prayer and faith
  15. Even with prayer and faith we have to learn how to “Step it up”
  16. This is why church is important
  17. You and I need to “Step it up Spiritually
  18. Prayer
  19. Meditation
  20. Practice
  21. Attitude
  22. Christmas Eve we had a prayer service that lasted 4 hours
  1. Another side of “Stepping it up “ is somethings need to be shut down
  2. You can’t have it both ways!As I consider the lingering vestiges of racism, I keep thinking to myself, the nation has to develop the will to simply shut it down…
  • I go through my day trying to walk a closer walk with God…
  • In my own way, I am trying to step it up to get closer to Jesus..
  • My encouragement is that you make a commitment to step it up
  • Step it up and shut it !

Questions for Reflection:

  1. What are your thoughts about this sermon?


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