“Every Day will I bless thee…Psalm 145:2

With every waking day I think God. I think the Lord for life. I thank the Lord for strength. I thank the Lord for the significant relationships in my life. I thank the Lord for every friendship. I thank the Lord for every challenge, every obstacle, every painful and hurtful moment. And happy times and sad times I see the hand of the Lord and everything and it is his strength that strengthens me.

Written by Rev Dr. Nick Hood3

Questions for Reflection:

1.     What does it mean to “Bless the Lord?”

2.    What does Psalm 145 mean to you?

Prayer:  Lord, I bless your Holy name!  When I think of your grace and mercy, your faith and love, I say thank you.  I thank you for being with me at my best,  I thank you for standing with me when I have been at my worst.  You are my inspiration.  You are my hope, joy, and confidence.  In Jesus name.  Amen.

Photo by Rev. Dr. Nick Hood

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