With Father’s Day this Sunday, I have been thinking all week long about how proud I am of my two sons. They are now 40 and 35. Both are grown men, married with children. They are great fathers, and productive members of society.. I think back to their youth when we drove to the grand Canyon. The photos on this page were somewhere along on the way. My wufe, Denise and I tried to provide a rich set of experiences to round them out in ways that would prepare them for life. Now that they are ground men, we can see the fruit of our labor and I thank God!

Nathan, eating ice cream at eight on our way to the Grand Canyon

Noah, eating ice cream on the same trip – 4 years if age



Questions for Reflection

  1. What are your thought’s this Fathers Day?
  2. What are your thoughts about this piece
  3. Other thoughts?

Prayer – God, I thank you for allowing me to live long enough to see my son’s grow into manhood and father hood. Grant me the blessing to see my children’s children live to the fullness if adulthood. In Jesus name, IAmen.

Written by Pastor Nick Hood3                                                                   

Photo by Pastor Nick Hood3                      

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