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Tomorrow, Dr. Jewlee Weah (aka Dr. Johnson Tweh), and I will fly to Liberia and Ghana to meet with contractors to build a high school in the River Gee area of Liberia. Dr. Weah grew up in this area in the village of Sweaken which is 400 miles from Monrovia, which is the capital of Liberia. We will fly into Monrovia from Accra, Ghana, and drive into the interior. The area where the proposed high school will be built is without electricity or potable water. We will sleep in a larger city called, Fish Town, which is sparse, but has decent accommodations.  Although there is a k-8 in Sweaken, children who wish to receive a high school education must walk 30 miles to the closest school, which is in Fish Town. The cost of construction for the school is projected to be $200,000. The plan is to build the school in two phases. The first phase will consist of two buildings and will cost $115,000. Cash on hand is $95,000.   Even though we are short of the needed funds, we are proceeding in the faith that we can raise the remaining funds needed to build the school. You can follow our trip on line through here at this site and also on the church web site – and also on Face Book.

Our itinerary will begin in Accra, Ghana on Tuesday, January 8, 2019 with meetings at the Bethel Presbyterian Church, Ghana LA district to discuss a partnership with Plymouth United Church of Christ Detroit. The partnership we will be discussing will include exchange opportunities where members of both churches would agree to house members from the other church who desire to travel to the host country and stay in homes from the host churches. As with the Liberian portion of this mission, members and friends of the church are welcome to follow us on line. Dr. Weah’s son and daughter, Bowdya and Meah will join us for the Liberian portion of the mission.


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I have been involved with this mission since 1997 when the Sarbo Tribe of Liberia was refugeed during the civil war.  At that time, Dr. Weah, Rev. Dr. Jimmy Womack and myself led a delegation to Cote Ivoire to bring assistance to his tribe.  We brought money and medicine and made it possible for them to return to Liberia after the war.  In 1999 we conducted a similar visit to the 1997 mission.  In 2013, Dr. Weah, my wife and I made a trip to Liberia to visit with the former refugees of war we met in 1997.  The current mission is a natural extension of where we began in 1997.

Pray for us.

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  1. I took the photo of the school children during our 2013 to Sweaken.