One of my favorite stories in the Bible is about a conflict between David and his son Absalom. As their conflict begins to evolve, one of the advisors to Absalom who was a former advisor to his father David becomes upset because his counsel to the King’s son is not accepted so he goes home sets his house in order and then he kills himself. I’m going to be preaching about this story on Sunday with a sermon entitled, “Set your house in order”I will not be encouraging people to commit suicide, but it is a fascinating story. One of the lessons from the story is the importance of putting your house in order how many times do we look at our house, our financial affairs, our personal relationships and are torn because everything is not the way it should be? One of the lessons inJesus Christ is that you and I should always maintain a sense of perspective in life and to try to take care of our Loose Ends. In The Sermon on the Mount Jesus encourages people who are making their way to the altar to First reconcile with their brother or sister. Innocence what Jesus is saying is get your house in order. Questions for reflection: 1. What are the loose ends in your life that need to be connected and finalized? Prayer: help me today Lord Jesus to connect the loose ends in my life. Encourage me to honor my commitments, to do the best that I can with the time that I have here on this Earth. Help me to reconcile my relationships my finance, and personal commitments. Through Jesus Christ Our Rock and Redeemer I pray. Amen Written by Reverend dr. Nicholas Hood the third at Nicholas Hood the third Ministries Http://