Invocation for the investiture of Judge Christopher Blount-


Yesterday, I gave the invocation for the investiture of Christopher Blount as a new judge of the 36th District Court in Detroit, Michigan. The service of investiture was held in the sanctuary of my church. Judges from several different courts were in attendance. I made brief remarks prior to the investiture session. I shared with those in attendance that I first met Chris when I began to baptize people in the Detroit River. Chris was one of the first people to help us as a life guard. I remember him as a enthusiastic young fellow who promised to make sure that no one would drown. He was working his way through law school and now, is a judge! We took a photo after the investiture. My wife, Denise, who is the Chief Judge of the Eastern District of Michigan is standing next to Judge Blount. Judge Craig Strong is on the right with the colorful outfit. He and I are sometimes mistaken for each other- how I don’t know, smile. I guess because we are both light skinned. I am on the left. I thank God for the opportunity that stands before young Judge Christopher Blount. God only knows the future for this young judge.


Our Lord and our God, we ask your blessings today upon your servant, Judge Christopher Blount. Bless Judge Blount with wisdom, patience, respect and adherence to the law for all who will appear before him. Grant him a temperament that values all persons, regardless of economic and social class, ethnicity or color. We give thanks to the governor of the State of Michigan for the appointment of Christopher Blount as Judge. O Lord, I pray this day that you might rain down from heaven from the fountain that never shall run dry, abundant blessings upon your servant, Christopher Blount. May his investiture this day be the beginning of a life time of judicial excellence and service. Through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior I pray. Amen.


Written by Rev. Dr. Nicholas Hood III

Senior Minister and Pastor of the Plymouth United Church of Christ

Photo by Robert Warford

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