I Need Your Help in Helping Children in Detroit, Michigan

The young students of the Plymouth Educational Center in Detroit could use your help. This k-8 school has just under 500 students. Most of the children come from homes that are under the poverty level and receive free meals. The students are fresh faced, full of hope and vitality and well behaved, but many are not achieving at acceptable levels. I believe the achievement will improve if several things happen: The school makes free after-school tutoring available to every student, but only around 150 children participate. One thing I think will increase the number of youth who will take advantage of the free after school tutoring is to light a fire in the hearts of the students by exposing them to adults who will give them first hand examples of successful persons who are interested in their achievement.

I believe every child can learn. I believe every child can achieve academically. I believe every child should be given an opportunity to dream and pursue their dreams. The children at the Plymouth Education Center in Detroit, Michigan could benefit from your help in at least one of four ways:

  • Read to a class
  • Tutor a child in math, science and or language arts
  • Mentor a child
  • Donate a computer to a child ($500)

Sunday, 25 persons from my church volunteered to read, tutor and mentor a child. Tuesday of this week I started my day by reading a book, entitled, “Ben and the Emancipation Proclamation” to a group of 2nd graders. I think I enjoyed reading to the class as much as they did.

Here is how it works – Adult readers are invited to read early in the class day, around 8:20 AM. “Readers” are invited to bring a short book to read to a class. I want the children to look at adults like you, to help motivate them to strive to be like you.

Tutors also volunteer at their own schedule. For example, Dr. Jewlee Weah, is a retired PHD, chemist who volunteers twice a week to help seven boys boost their understanding of science for one hour.

Mentors will be in -class mentors. We are organizing the mentor program now with a goal of starting with the 57 first grade students in March of this year. The mentor program will begin with a 30 minute one on one time with a first grader.

For those who do not live near Detroit I solicit your prayers, good will and if you are able, consider donating a computer for a needy child. Most American households have computer access to the Internet, but 25 percent of household in the USA do not. Most of the children at the Plymouth Educational Center do not have a computer. They are caught within that 25 percent of homes that are not connected to the Internet.

I seek your prayers and support for the children of the Plymouth Educational Center. The Plymouth Educational Center was born at my church. In 1977, it was founded as a small church based private school. In 1985 it incorporated as the Plymouth Day School. In the early 1990’s it became the first church based charter school in the State of Michigan. It also became the first charter school in Michigan to have a building built to be a school. As a private church school, the achievement soared and several of the students ended up being accepted to Ivy League schools. I am proud to say that I was the volunteer CEO of that school. I stepped down from the board when i was elected to the Detroit City Council.  The school became a charter school because we never had enough cash to do what we thought was necessary to sustain the school. Now, as a charter school, we have the resources, a great building, but a much larger student body which is predominately poor with many of the social challenges you can imagine that are associated with poverty.

If you would like to help, please email me directly at nhoo996937@aol.com or contact the principal of the school, Kimberly Pritchett at 313-831-3280. The coordinator for the Volunteer Program is Betty Douglas. She can be contacted directly by emailing her at bettydouglas43@yahoo.com

Thank you for your prayers and support for the children of the Plymouth Educational Center.

Rev. Dr. Nick Hood III