In presidential politics there is an expression called, “The October Surprise.”  Usually, the opposition comes up with some negative information on the other candidate and releases it as a devastating flash of news that its difficult if not impossible to recover.  In this election, the “October Surprise” seems to be Donald Trump himself.  It began with him parading at the second debate accusers of former president Bill Clinton.  As it turns out, he has his own set of accusers which has thrown him completely off message, or perhaps, what we are seeing really is his message – a message of sexism, sexual assault, bigotry and hot-headed, out of control temper tantrums.  The accusations against him are horrible: unwanted groping, kissing, physical contact with women.  I will be glad when election day finally gets here, because I do not know how much more the American public can stand.

The photo at the top of this piece is of Barbara Rose Collins and her god-father, Julius Reeves.  They were in church last week and seemed so loving towards each other.  I think about them in the context of Donald Trump and his accusers because they remind me that not every male -female relationship is in the gutter.

In the Bible, when Laban and Jacob separate, Jacob with the two daughters of Laban, Rachel and Leah, Laban makes an ominous threat saying that if Jacob mistreats his daughters that God will be his witness.

One of the underlying messages of the Donald Trump saga is that each of these women is someone’s daughter, sister, aunt and possibly mother.  How would you feel if your mother, sister, aunt, was groped, kissed, raped, assaulted physically or verbally by a power struck man?  Ever since I considered the candidacy of Hillary Clinton I have wondered what the national response to a female running for president.  When Donald Trump won the republican nomination I smiled to myself and thought, “Hillary should drop to her knees every night and thank the good Lord that Donald Trump is her opponent because he is so uncontrolled and arrogant it is almost as if she is a batter and God has thrown her a fast ball done the center of the plate.” (the home run pitch) This election is becoming a referendum on sexual assault.  I cannot see how Donald Trump can overcome his own words and behavior.

Written by Rev. Dr. Nicholas Hood III

Photo by Rev. Dr. Nicholas Hood III

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“If You ill-treat my daughters…remember that God is witness between you and me,”(Gen 31:50)