Give and It Will Be Given to You!


Antoine Clay, the fellow in the photo with his wife, Nicole, are newer members of my church.  Last week, Antoine informed me that he had just accepted a position at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Ga.  Even before they joined my church Antoine has volunteered in our media ministry.  He is a IT specialist, but has never charged the church for his services.  Often, Antoine has accompanied me in meetings where IT vendors have wanted to sell the church something.  Having Antoine in the room during those meetings has always been like carrying an “Equalizer” on my side -belt, because the IT vendors have not been able to take advantage of my ignorance.  When I take my car to be repaired, I wish I had someone with Antoine’s expertise to intercede between the mechanic and me.

So, we say goodbye to Antoine and Nicole.  My goodbye is bitter sweet because both of them have brought a lot to the church.  Although I am sorry to see the two of them leave Detroit, I am happy for the opportunities that lie ahead for them.

Antoine has given so much to my church, I really believe that the Lord is blessing him and his family because of his unselfish sharing of his skill sets.  I wish I had more members like Antoine.  I invite you now to read the words of Jesus regarding the blessings that return to us when we share what we have with God and the people of God.  Many have shared with me their desire to prosper.  My reply is simply this, have  you given to others as you would like God to bless you?

Luke 6: 38 give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap; for the measure you give will be the measure you get back.” [1]

Questions for Reflection:

  1. How does it make you feel when you read the words of Jesus, “Give and it will be given to you?”
  2. Are there ways other than money that Jesus expects us to give? Share some examples.



Lord, show me how to be unselfish in my giving.  Free me from my fear of generosity.  Open my heart so I might become more sensitive in understanding suffering, hurt and shame.  Bless me now Lord, that I might share my gifts with the poor, the tired and the hungry.  Lift me up, Lord, that I might lift those who are falling.  Lord, I seek your blessing this day.  Through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior I pray.  Amen.


Written by Rev. Dr. Nicholas Hood III

Photo: Atty. Nicole Cooper Clay, Antoine Clay and Rev. Dr. Nicholas Hood III – photo taken by Deacon Clifford Rockefeller

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[1] The Holy Bible: New Revised Standard Version. (1989). (Lk 6:38). Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers.