Texting Naked Photos and Not to Think More Highly of Yourself Than You Ought–

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Draymond Green, a basketball player for the Golden State Warriors recently was embarrassed by sending out a photo of his private parts on the Internet by mistake to his entire group of followers. He has since expressed some remorse for his action.  When I first heard about his situation I began to think about what the Bible might have to say to give him some encouragement.  I also thought about a fellow I ministered to locally who got himself in a similar situation.  I asked him, why would you send photos of yourself to someone else – who in his situation, when she became angry with him she forwarded it to others.  His response was, “Nick, that’s what people are doing now days.”  The technology is here and it is so easy to take photos and much more and send them out to whomever on the world wide web.  Sending naked photos is one of many ways to let others know how you feel about how you look.  While healthy self-esteem is important, it is also wise to keep your pride in check and hold on to your common sense.

I am leading a Bible Discussion each week this summer on Paul’s Letter to the Romans.  Last night we looked at chapter 12.  One of the verses that caught my attention was the third verse where Paul warns the Romans not to think more highly of themselves than they ought:

Romans 12: For by the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think of yourself more highly than you ought to think, but to think with sober judgment, each according to the measure of faith that God has assigned.[1]

A lot of us in this modern world could learn from Paul because we often allow ourselves to get puffed up in relation to those around us.  It is easy to find another person who makes less money, drives a car that is not as nice as the one you may drive, has a smaller flat screen television, has smaller, less developed muscles, has a girlfriend, woman, man, husband or wife who you think can’t hold a candle to yours, and the list goes on and on…

Still, I hear Paul say, do not think higher or yourself than you ought.  Why?  For starters, even at your best, there is a high level you could reach for.  Sometimes in our best, we will find someone who is more talented, is more handsome or beautiful, is wealthier, and so on.  I think the Apostle Paul would say to each of us, keep your pride in check and recognize that there is something beautiful in each of us.


Questions for Reflection:

  1. Why do you think Paul warned the Romans against, “Thinking of yourself more highly than you ought to think?”
  2. What is the balance between healthy self-esteem and “Thinking more highly of yourself than you ought?”


Prayer:  Lord, grant me a healthy sense of self-esteem.  Encourage me to feel good about myself, proud of my achievements, accomplishments, and skill sets, but at the same time help me not to look down upon others.  Help me to see something worthwhile and of value in every man and woman.  Remind me, Jesus that each one of us is a child in your kingdom.  Lord, I want to be ready to see you face to face in that kingdom that has no end.  Through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior I pray.  Amen.


Rev. Dr. Nicholas Hood III

Photo by Mike Daniels

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[1] The Holy Bible: New Revised Standard Version. (1989). (Ro 12:3). Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers.