January 29, 2016

Statement by Rev. Nicholas Hood, Sr. at her investiture as

Chief Judge, United States District Court, Sixth District

January 22, 2016



Rev. Dr. Nicholas Hood Sr. giving remarks at the Investiture of his daughter in law, Judge Denise Page Hood – photo by Harold White

At The end of election day in 1989, I was so tired I could hardly get home after many hours of standing outside of the voting location urging those who came to vote  to cast a vote for Denise Hood for Recorders Judge.



Finally, I was able to go home and fall into bed and shortly thereafter I was sound asleep. I was awakened by the phone, and when I answered, the voice on the other end of the line said: “are you asleep?”.  I replied. “not now”.


The person on the other end of the phone line was my daughter-in-law, 36 District Judge Denise Page Hood, who also had been working at the election polls urging voters to cast a vote for her to be elected to the position of Recorder’s Court Judge.  She very excitingly said: “When all of the votes were counted tonight,  I lead the field”!


When you asked me to have some remarks, all I could think of is: YOUR ARE STILL LEADING THE FIELD, and all of your family and friends congratulate you.


I want to thank retired Senator Carl Leven and retired Senator Don Regal for recommending Judge Denise Page Hood to President Clinton for the position of United States  District Judge.


All I can say today is: Judge Hood, you  are still leading the field! and we in your family are very proud of you!  We wish you our most sincere congratulations.