God is About to Do a New Thing for You!


Belle Isle (Detroit, Michigan) at winter

 Sometimes life can cause a person to feel boxed in – our lives can become predictable, resources may seem strangled in their limitations, and the course of our days can seem boring and mundane in their routine. It is in these times when it can sometimes seem difficult to find God and even harder to imagine that God has something planned for your life that is far more wonderful, far more exciting, and far more interesting than anything you have done before.

I know someone reading this is probably thinking, “Alright Reverend Hood, break this down for me on a level I can digest: make it real for me because I just do not get it!” In the Book of Isaiah, the people of Israel did not get it. They were shunted away in Babylonian exile. Many were still left in Jerusalem. It was to these people that the prophecy of God was given to the prophet Isaiah to usher in the good news that God was about to do a new thing for the people and bring those who were captive back home to be reunited with their people.

Listen to the words of hope that God gave to Isaiah about what the people of Israel could expect:

 Isaiah 43: 18         Do not remember the former things,

or consider the things of old.

19  I am about to do a new thing;

now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?

I will make a way in the wilderness

and rivers in the desert. [1]

 As we come to the end of one year and can see the dawning of a new year, my encouragement to you is that you take the words of Isaiah to heart: forget the former things and open yourself up to new blessings, new hope, new ideas, new ways of living and enjoying your life.

Questions for Reflection:

  1. Why is it sometimes difficult to see what God is doing in our lives?
  2. When have you felt like you were in the “Wilderness”?


Open my eyes Lord so I might see you more clearly.  Open my ears so I might hear you more precisely. Open my heart so I might feel you more deeply. Lord, I confess that sometimes the battles of life have been so sustained and so intense that I have missed the signs of a better day and way that you have prepared for me. I have reached for you, but could not touch you. I have sought you, but could not see you. As we come to the end of one year and the dawning of a new year open my soul that I might receive your Holy Spirit. Fall fresh upon me, Holy Spirit. Renew my vision. Restore my joy. Revitalize my energy. Help me to see what new and good things you have prepared for me. Then, in your divine providence show me how to receive this blessing. Through Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior I pray. Amen.


Written by Rev. Dr. Nicholas Hood III


Photo by Nicholas Hood III


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[1] The Holy Bible: New Revised Standard Version. 1989 (Is 43:18–19). Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers.