Prayer on Responsibility

Galatians 6: For all must carry their own loads.

Men and boys working on a fishing boat outside the "Door of No Return" at Cape Coast, Ghana
Men and boys working on a fishing boat outside the “Door of No Return” at Cape Coast, Ghana


Lord, I pray today for a sense of responsibility. I pray for every father who endows a child with his DNA to take responsibility for that child. Lord, I pray for the fathers of the world; that they might acknowledge the children who carry their seed, but they might also responsible financially and emotionally in the life of their children. Lord, I pray for every mother who has served as a vessel in the passage way of life to live up to her responsibility to raise her children, love her children, and financially support her children, and emotionally interact with her children. Lord, help me with my own sense of responsibility. Teach me to be on time. Teach me to follow through on the commitments I make. Help me not to commit to more than I can deliver. Encourage me not to feel sorry for myself, regardless of how many times I have been let down by others. Fill me with a fire that cannot be quenched. Fill me with a desire to be the best I can be. Fill me with a sense that I can change the world, make a difference in this world, and when I prepare to make my transition from life to life immortal, lay me gently to sleep. Take away the life I have come to know, the breath I have come to depend upon and transport my soul to that world which has no end. Through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior I pray. Amen.

Written by Rev. Dr. Nicholas Hood III

Photo by Nicholas Hood III

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